A Crowdfunding Campaign

A Southern Belle's Apothecary Dream

Hi Friends and Family, I come to you with a big ask where a little love can collectively go a long way. As many of you know, I launched my business, Southern Belle Products, one year ago. A business that started with one soy candle has now turned into so much more. Born from a love for creativity and a passion for learning, I handcraft and sell items both from nature and for nature. My business merges self-care with survival, and I am so excited to launch a new component to my business – an apothecary!

Owning an apothecary is no small feat. It requires extensive training and certification, as well as the proper tools and equipment. One of those tools is a greenhouse. Yes! An actual, big old greenhouse where I will grow herbs and provide products fresh from the source. I am so excited to truly handcraft my products from start to finish, with greenhouse herbs and plants at the core of my natural remedy products.

My goal is to raise $18,000. That’s a big number, I know. As someone who suffers from anxiety, this scares me and certainly keeps me up at night. But, I have worked so very hard these past few years to gain personal and professional success. I’m determined more than ever to make this happen. You can help me make my dreams a reality. My goal is to raise this money within the next 60 days so that my greenhouse is in place before the end of summer.

My apothecary products will benefit individuals with a variety of illnesses and wellness issues. As plant-based remedies, the product line can work for all ages and people from all walks of life. From anxiety to stress, colds to eczema, and acne to insomnia, there are numerous natural remedies for life’s woes. Handcrafted in small batches, I aim to provide the very best products from Mother Nature to help heal what ails you.

Herbs are key to an apothecary and they cost far more from a wholesaler than to grow them myself. Building a greenhouse now will allow for efficiency and provide financial and logistical longevity for the business. I will be able to grow herbs year-round. My new apothecary line will be herbal based, providing the benefits of the plant without the excessive use of essential oil.

Here’s the breakdown of what my project entails:

- Training and certification to become an herbalist.

- Renovations, including new electrical and insulation, to current office and workspace to allow for new drying racks and proper storage space for herbs.

- New greenhouse structure, including raised garden beds, tools, and equipment.

Furthermore, this goal will not only help my growing business, but it will help me achieve something much more important: a better and healthier lifestyle. Gardening, plus the creation and usage of natural remedies, has been known to greatly reduce stress, anxiety and depression - which I unfortunately continue to suffer from. Thank you so very much. This project is a big undertaking, and I know that with your love and financial support I can make it happen. To acknowledge your support, you will receive a note and/or gift from me based on your contribution level. This is one small way I can show you my appreciation and give you a sampling of the budding business you are supporting. I am deeply grateful for each of you.

Thank you for your consideration. Your kindness. Your love. And your support.

With love,


P.S. GoFundMe is a platform widely known for a place where people can raise money after a tragic event as occurred. While this is true, it is also a place where individuals and businesses can raise money for various reasons. It is also one of the only platforms that allows the following:

- The individual or business may access the funds almost immediately post-donation and prior to the campaign time period ending

- The individual or business may access the funds regardless of if the total goal is met or not

- The individual or business is not required to post a video in order to launch the campaign 

However, in order to make this possible, GoFundMe does take 7.9% + $0.30 per donation. Which is why the amount I am asking for is higher than the actual amount needed unfortunately. I would like to further prove that this is not a selfish campaign by stating that there will be no personal financial gain, no pockets lined, outside of building the greenhouse, paying for the classes, and the home office renovations. Any funds remaining after the project has been completed will be divided in half and donated - half going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and half going to the Lone Survivor Foundation. 


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