The Herbal Academy of New England


Our owner, Courtney, has spent the last several months, and will continue to spend a portion of her time to learning all she can about the apothecary, aromatherapy and herbal world. She is doing so via books, online education courses, and constant research. A few of the courses Courtney will be taking this are taught online by the Herbal Academy. While Southern Belle Products is an apart of the Herbal Academy's affiliate program, Courtney does not let this sway her opinion of their courses, blog or the Herbarium membership program. In fact, she cannot wait to begin the courses and to officially join their membership program. Once this happens, we will be updating y'all on everything she's learned via our blog, so please subscribe and/or check back regularly in order to stay up to date! Below are the four courses our owner will be taking this year, please feel free to check them out. Herbs are a wonderful gift from Mother Nature, and have a multitude of beneficial properties that can help with everything from anxiety and allergies to cold and flu to cuts, scraps and bruises, plus much more!


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