Our Owner's Story


With Love & Care,

Founder, Courtney von Dwingelo

Southern Belle Products offers skin care, aromatherapy, paracord, and survival essentials inspired by the great outdoors. I want you to enjoy what mother nature offers us, both outside and inside your home. We handcraft all-natural soy wax candles, body care products, unique paracord accessories, and custom designed survival kits. We say yes to nature and good for you materials and no to artificial ingredients.


With Southern roots, I grew up in a time when natural remedies were the go-to solution and roaming outdoors was how we spent our free time. Nature is a powerful source of vitality. I developed the all- natural aromatherapy body products to save my sensitive skin and to help others. Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, Tub Tea, and Aromatherapy Candles bring my favorite memories and fondest scents to you for your enjoyment.


With a keen eye to thriving while in the outdoors, I created the Survival Series because of my loved one’s experience in the military and to help protect others. Whether venturing deep into the woods for a lengthy excursion, traveling cross country, or just heading into work, there are several Survival Kits for every day, everyone, and everywhere.


Growing up, I saw paracord around my home as an essential household tool. When I discovered that I could craft accessories from the colorful parachute cord, I knew I was on to something. My paracord products are functional and fashionable, whether for a man or a woman. And the best part is they keep you prepped in case of emergency – just unravel and use your paracord for a multitude of uses.


Together, my body, aromatherapy, paracord, and survival inspired lines bring the great outdoors into your lives. All items are designed, handcrafted, and shipped to you by me. Many are made to order. Thank you for stopping by my store! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or custom order requests. 


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