100 Uses For Paracord

What might look small, is in fact very mighty. Invented just before World War II to be used as parachute cord, paracord has quickly taken on uses well beyond the sky. Now in almost every home and used extensively in the field, paracord has become a popular lightweight rope that everyone should have on hand. While there are countless uses, here are 100 useful ways to use paracord. If you'd like to try any of these, but don't have paracord - no worries! Here is the kind we use.

1. Tie a tarp to trees for shade or cover – good idea whether its summer or winter.

2. Make a lanyard or key fob to hold items, such as your keys! We can custom make them for you too, just send us a message!

3. Craft an emergency, or fashionable, paracord bracelet/wristband – or have one custom made by sending us a message!

4. Build an emergency snare from a single nylon strand – or seven snares!

5. Create a fishing line from a single nylon strand

6. Make a fishing net

7. Use as an extra boot or shoe lace

8. If you’re in a pinch, you can use the inner strands as floss!

9. Dog collar or have one custom made for you! All you have to do is send us a message :)

10. Dog lead or leash or have us custom-make one for you, simply send us a message!

11. Use an inner strand as an emergency suture

12. Wrap your knife handle for extra grip

13. Create a bow drill to start a fire via friction

14. Drape clothes between two trees or poles to dry

15. Improvise a seat by lashing a long log horizontally to 2 trees

16. Emergency repair for a sail while out on the water

17. Use as a belt for your pants

18. Hang a kettle or cooking pot over a fire

19. Use a single inner strand as an emergency sewing thread – or suture thread in an emergency

20. Make into a net hammock

21. Improvise a rifle sling or purchase one from us! Just shoot us a message :)

22. Tie up your horse – or doggie.

23. Use as perimeter trip wires with tin cans or bells attached while camping – great way to know if a bear is snooping around, or worse – a skunk!

24. Make a watchband or purchase one from us! All you have to do is contact us!

25. Rig up a quick bow stringer when you’ve forgotten yours

26. Carry gear on your back when you don’t have a rucksack – just mind your neck and shoulders

27. Make a knotted hose cleaner by tying granny knots in the paracord and pulling it through

28. Have forgetful children tie their house keys around their neck or to their backpack

29. Use several strands of paracord to craft an emergency tow rope

30. A pulley line for dragging big bits of wood up the side of a hill – or anything heavy really.

31. A standby strop for polishing a razor to make it cleaner or sharper

32. Tie a heavy knot in the middle and make a jump rope for kids

33. Hang mesh frames for propagating plants in a greenhouse

34. Tie up your food and trash items out of reach of nosy bears

35. Make a simple swing for kids

36. Abseil down a cliff edge – like a rock climber does.

37. Make a quick headband or hair tie – try using the inner strands for this.

38. Bundle firewood together for easy transport

39. Tie onto a sled so you can drag it through heavy snow

40. Hang a light over the bathroom for night time use

41. Replace a snapped pull string on older lights or ceiling fans

42. Improvise a fuse to start a fire

43. Hang a mirror or other large objects

44. Use as a strap wrench or Spanish windlass

45. Make a halter and leads for your horses

46. Improvised bore snake for cleaning a firearm

47. Make a tire swing

48. Hang your hammock or repair a hole in your hammock

49. Hang an emergency whistle around your neck

50. Make a pull cord for a chainsaw

Half way there! Have any uses for paracord in mind that we haven't included?! Feel free to shoot us a message. We'd love to hear what creative ways to utilize parachute cord you can come up with :)

51. Use as a pull cord for a boat engine

52. Fix a pull cord for a lawn mower or a weed-whacker

53. Use as an emergency tourniquet

54. Tie down straps & belts of rucksacks when traveling

55. Replace a drawstring cord in a rucksack or on gaiters – or sweatpants and sweatshirts!

56. Use as tent guy lines – don’t want your tent tipping over or flying away!

57. Make a monkey fist – jut use a marble or ping pong ball for the support!

58. Make an improvised stretcher by crafting a net between two poles

59. Bind poles together to make a shelter

60. Tie a blade to a long pole to make an emergency hunting spear

61. Wrap a mini Maglite handle for grip

62. Use to help lower equipment and packs down cliff edges – can also aid in helping an injured person or a dog down the cliff too

63. Make handcuffs for bad guys

64. Use as a zipper pull

65. Make a rope ladder

66. Use for mooring your boat to a dock

67. Replace a broken water ski rope – or any other water sport that requires a rope

68. Teach yourself to tie life-saving knots

69. Use it to collect water

70. Help climb a tree

71. Improvise snow shoes

72. Make a sling shot for killing small animals

73. Create a bullwhip for defense or entertainment

74. Tie a scope to a rifle

75. Use to tie night vision to a rifle

76. Hang tools from your belt

77. Make emergency suspenders

78. Replace a broken bra strap

79. Tie garden plants to stakes, such as tomatoes or green beans

80. Make a camera strap

81. Use as a walking rope for kids when out on excursions, simply tie one end around their waist and the other around yours

82. Identify members of your group with matching bracelets

83. Use as trail markers so you don’t get lost

84. Use to measure distance

85. Knot into a hacky sack for entertainment

86. Make a pit trap by lashing the cord across the mouth and placing loose plants on top – just make sure you remember where you set it!

87. Tie pant legs closed to keep out bugs and ticks on hikes

88. Hang a solar shower for easier use

89. Make a scale balance

90. Work out aid for sit-ups

91. Tie to luggage handles when traveling for easy bag identification

92. Wrap around iPhone charging cords to repel cats from chewing on cords

93. Seal punctures in broken metal appliances, just melt the nylon and let it seal the hole

94. Wrap a hammer to absorb shock

95. Stake out an area or grid of space

96. Tie a broken door or window closed

97. Repair broken flip-flops

98. Use it to train a horse or dog – just probably not a cat!

99. Secure weights to a pop up tent

100. Use as a guide when crossing a stream, just be careful if you’re the first one across to attach the cord to the other side.

That was quite the list, don't you think?! Let us know what you think by sending us a message or leaving a comment on our Facebook page! We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions, plus any other uses you can come up with. Look forward to hearing from you!

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