The Herbal Academy: Syrups, Topicals, and the Medicine Around Us

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An Herbal Studies Update

Welcome back! Today I’m giving a quick roundup of thoughts and ideas from a few of the most recent lessons I’ve completed in the Introductory Course at the Herbal Academy. You can catch up on the first and second post if you haven’t had a chance to read along from the beginning.

Syrups are somewhat of a smaller topic when I think about apothecary products, but if you have ever been up with a coughing child (or boyfriend/husband) in the middle of the night, you know they can be a life (and sanity) saver!

Topicals can be used for rinses, bathing, steams, and hydrotherapy. I love the old folk remedy of using wet socks and topicals to create circulation when cold season is upon us.

Some other items covered include:

  • Infused oils, salves, and balms. How to make and how to use.

  • The fact that most herbs have multiple actions, along with specific effects on the body.

  • What are carminatives? Do you know?!

The lesson that really struck me the most was a discussion on the medicine around us. From antioxidants to salicylic acids, and antiseptics to immune boosters. The natural world is not only fascinating, but inherently powerful! Of course, there are things to be found in the wild that can be dangerous, such as mushrooms or pesky poison oak. Knowledge is power.

As we moved on to the effects of herbs, there was great coverage of the nutritional value of herbs and how the body integrates with holistic health. I felt like a med student as we learned about the human anatomy and the various vital systems; respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular, and more. Now I’m looking forward to learning even more as my lessons continue at the Herbal Academy. Stay tuned!

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