Greenhouse Growing Benefits

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions

or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

— Liberty Hyde Bailey

With my budding business, a greenhouse is my ultimate goal. I’ve long dreamed of branching into the apothecary trade and pursuing my passion. Undergoing training and continual education to become a certified herbalist, I will be able to grow, craft, and sell my very own products from start to finish.

A greenhouse is basically a structure that is covered in clear glass or a special type of hard plastic and allows plants to grow year-round. This is especially beneficial during the harsh winter months, which are all too common here in Connecticut. The structure allows sunlight to enter and prevents heat from escaping. The interior stays warm and is easier to maintain a consistent temperature and climate. But wait, what are the benefits you ask? Here are five great benefits of owning and operating a greenhouse:

1. Consistent Gardening - Whether the sun is out or the snow is in the air, year-round gardening becomes possible with a greenhouse. This means that the life cycle of herbs is not bound to the traditional growing seasons, late spring to early fall, and new seeds can continually be planted all year long. Temperature and humidity can be better maintained to create a consistent environment.

2. Plants are Protected – We know that weather is always a factor and that the greenhouse protects plants from the elements, but there are things to consider – such as pests – that a greenhouse can shield plants from. Yes, no bees means less pollination, however most of the herbs do not attract bees simply because they do not flower or are a natural bee repellant.

3. Save Money – With the ability to grow my own herbs, there are no middlemen that I am required to work with to procure my ingredients. This not only saves me time, but money. And let’s face it, time is money!

4. Health Benefits – Gardening has many benefits and sadly, is not an option throughout half the year. With a greenhouse, that would be possible. Studies* have shown a decrease in anxiety and depression when individuals are able to be “outside” with nature during the colder and darker months. As someone who copes with anxiety and depression, the greenhouse will not only help my business thrive, it will help me thrive, while helping me fulfill an important goal of obtaining a healthier lifestyle. One that is based around natural remedies.

5. Longevity – The lifespan of a greenhouse is up to fifteen years, meaning an investment now will pay off in the future. That means a long lifespan for my business, and for my personal well-being.

Check out my Go Fund Me for my details on my newest project and biggest dream!

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