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  • First Aid Kits

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    These are comprehensive first aid kits that come filled with both basic and advanced first aid items. Each of our First Aid Kits (FAKs) comes equipped with the molle system to easily attach to tactical bags; the Small and Large bag also come upgraded to include the rip-away feature of the mole system for attachments, where once the straps are attached, if you were to need the bag quickly, you simply grab the loop handle on top and rip away from the main bag it’s attached to. The Extra Small would need to be removed, or used while still attached to the bag, as it does not offer the rip-away feature. Each bag comes with a red cross patch to symbolize that it is a first aid kit. Our Extra Small and Small are for one to two (1-2) people, The Large is for three to four (3-4) people. While all items are set amounts, most are set per person, which is how we estimate the person size. For customization, please contact us at We do offer upgrades, as well as add-on items. Please see corresponding pages for these purchases.

    The Extra Small contains the same number of items as the Small, with the exception of the clotting sponge and self-adherent wrap, as the Extra Small does not include these items due to its smaller size. Color options for Extra Small: Black, Red, Tan, and Woodland Camo.

    The Small and Large do include a clotting sponge and self-adherent wrap. Color options for Small and Large: Black, Olive Drab, and Tan.

    Each kit includes the following item categories: MedicineBasic First AidAdvanced First AidMiscellaneous


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